“It’s rare that you meet someone who is skilled at leading multiple projects like Paige is – all while working with clients across different time zones! Not only has Paige mastered Corporate Responsibility storytelling for a large corporation, but she is also excellent at teaching her expertise to new team members. What I appreciate most about Paige is that she adds creativity to projects and isn’t afraid to “push the envelope,” all while fostering a friendly team dynamic.”  -Catherine Ronan, former Chevron team member

"Paige is unbelievably smart, quick-witted and a genuinely thoughtful person. She approaches every day with a smile and is a joy to be around. She is driven and passionate, yet grounded and humble."   -Tricia Regan, former Chevron supervisor

"I was very impressed with Paige's 'can do' attitude and knew I could always count on her to get things done and meet deadlines. She surpassed many of the team's expectations with her creative ideas, timeliness and high quality work, but also with her personality."   -Brent Tippen, former Chevron supervisor

”I had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring Paige during her formative years at Chevron. She's a quick learner, incredible team player and a natural leader. Paige's can-do attitude, paired with her creative insights and ability to exceed expectations, resulted in a wealth of critically important assignments -- including the production of key corporate materials. Our department is lucky to have her.” -Kyle Margolis, mentor at Chevron

“Paige was both creative and professional in her endeavors on behalf of the symphony, and I believe she would be a valuable asset for any organization. I give her my unqualified recommendation.” -Michael Bracken, former supervisor at Waco Symphony Orchestra